Keith London: “Concerned Citizens of Hallandale” request JLAC to order a CRA Audit and seek an AG opinion

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The following is a summary of last week’s Special City Commission and CRA meeting held Wednesday July 10, 2013.

We should all thank Commissioners Lazarow and Julian who attempted to bring transparency and accountability to the City of Hallandale Beach by making and voting on the following motions (these were recommended by the Broward Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report or in The Joint Legislative Auditing Committee (JLAC) letter).

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  • Request an Attorney General Opinion regarding the legality of the Hallandale Beach CRA Plan under Chapter 163 and the spending under the plan; specifically the granting of monies to non-profits and spending money outside of the CRA boundaries
  • Authorize an audit by the Florida Auditor General to determine where the approximately $75 Million dollars has been dollars spent
  • Have the City repay monies to the CRA identified by the OIG as being spent outside the CRA district
  • $152,000 for fireworks on the beach
  • $416,000 for improper bond payments to parks outside the CRA boundaries
  • All three motions/items failed on a 3 – 2 vote (Cooper, Lewy and Sanders) – NO and (Lazarow and Julian) – YES. Three elected officials prefer not to seek transparency and have accountability of millions of dollars.

The CRA attorney stated and suggested the JLAC could request the Attorney General opinion themselves and JLAC can ORDER the Florida Auditor General to perform an audit of the Hallandale CRA.

I am recommending and requesting our “concerned citizens” request the JLAC do both!

Show your support to Commissioners Lazarow and Julian and let’s flood the agencies with exactly the request we need to get to the bottom of the $75 Million dollars.

Please send an email or call every agency currently investigating or scrutinizing the City of Hallandale Beach and the CRA.

Click here for an email populated with the following people so you may forward your comments:

  • JLAC Chair Joseph Abruzzo – 850-487-4110 – 561-791-4774
  • JLAC Vice Chair Lake Ray – 850-487-4110 – 904-723-5300
  • Florida Auditor General David Martin – 850-487-4413
  • OIG  Special Agent Bill Cates 954-357-7818
  • Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi – 850-245-0140 – 866-966-7226
  • Broward County Commission 954-357-7001
  • Broward County Auditor Evan Lukic – 954-357-7592
  • Broward State Attorney Deborah Zimet – 954-831-7486
  • Broward Sheriff’s Office Detective John Calabro – 954-321-4662
  • Senator Joseph Abruzzo
  • Representative Lake Ray


Please copy me in all the email correspondence so I can keep a tabulation of the emails sent.

Here is an example of an email sent by Mr. Kulin to the JLAC.

Thank you for all your support,


Keith S. London
954-494-3182 Cellular

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