22 Aug The Mayor’s failing health.

I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the heath of Deerfield Beach Mayor JeanMcDeadByYearsEnd and here’s a quick report:

  1. Last month, Robb quietly underwent some serious medical evaluation of her heart.
  2. Surprisingly, she has one.
  3. Not surprisingly, it’s black.

We’ve watched Robb become more frail as the weeks progress.  Her pace of walking has dramatically slowed, she’s a rare show at city hall, and if you watch her closely sitting on the dais, she appears to be gumming herself to death. Some say that’s perhaps due to nitroglycerin tabs, personally I think’s she’s channeling her inner camel.

We opine Robb’s 2nd coming isn’t nearly as smooth, easy, and/or effective as she and her team had hoped. A slim margin of 27 votes, disparate supporting blocks, and advice from a couple of guys who declared bankruptcy ain’t a recipe for success.

You’ve heard it here first.

Robb’s dead by year’s end — her black heart finally taps out.

Drinks are on me!

Chaz Stevens

Chaz Stevens

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Chaz Stevens


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