Update: No wonder Leo Robb killed himself…

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Imagine referring to your female African American co-workers as “you people” and having folks of color forced to walk through the back door of your business.

Picture your family’s name replacing another’s (they’re African American) on the wall of a gymnasium — done, mind you, in the dark of night (no pun intended).

Ponder the idea of firing a worker strictly because she’s Hispanic.*

Though, we imagine, since she’s not black, maybe she’d hear the Mayor say something along the lines of “luckily, you can find another job, as you people are good drywallers.”

Welcome to the hateful world of Mayor Jean Robb.

But the story doesn’t stop here, as we can now add “the gays” to Robb’s list of undesirables.

Recently, Robb was overheard discussing her desire to terminate a few city staffers (both African American and one gay); seems she didn’t approve of “those types.”


Utterly f***ing staggering.

What might have been okay (wasn’t) in 1955, certainly has no place in modern times.

We long for the day when she’s dead and gone.

* Say like the city’s Public Information Officer.



After reading this story, a long-time former friend of the Robb family gave us a call, adding a few bits of intel to this tale.

  1. Robb, as office manager for her husband’s (Leo) medical practice, was dead set against hubby giving away his services to the black community.
  2. We heard rumors of folks, black folks that is, being turned away at the back door.  We’ve learned it was none other than Mayor Jean Robb herself that denied aid to those in need.
  3. Apparently, Mr. Robb suffered from depression, and supposedly told his wife of his suicidal thoughts. Wifey turned a deaf ear until it was too late.

So Jean, don’t f***ing try for one moment to rewrite history.  Not happening on my watch, you goddamn bigot.

No amount of praying over at Pedophile U. will change the fact you’re a stone cold racist.