For christ sake, she has a penis coming out of her nose…


According to our sources, local nutjob Gwen Denton, pissed off that folks were attacking her homey Eric “Got Himself In A World of Trouble” Haynes, told Sandra Davies and Commissioners Gloria Lewis and Patricia Williams, “you’re gonna pay for it.”

Sorry Denton, if we’re looking for an expert at getting shit for free, we’ll ring you up, otherwise that whole paying scenario, like phone calls to Jamaica mon, is outside your wheelhouse.

All of this is related to a recent Sun-Sentinel article that reported “The Florida Ethics Commission has found no evidence Lauderdale Lakes Vice Mayor Patricia Hawkins-Williams took a kickback from the sale of football and cheerleading T-shirts purchased with city money. The commission, in a decision released Wednesday, found no probable cause of any wrongdoing by the vice mayor.”

Too bad, so sad … this utterly pitiful attempt by Team Jon Allen to deflect attention away from his ongoing criminal investigation.


We surmise Allen, or his cronies, provided Denton with Williams’ expense account information. We’re also guessing Allen asserted influence on the Sports League to “turn tail” on Williams. Adding to the confusion was Finance Director Hello Kitty’s ever changing story.


Here’s the fly in the ointment.

When the SAO rang up Anita Fane-Taylor and LaToya Cason — both remembered collecting and depositing Williams’ money.


Seems to us, Denton should be more concerned about her role with Gospelfest and any payments/collections taken, but not turned in.


Story behind the story:

Elianor, Allen and ass-buddy Eric Haynes are all flippin’ incompetent.

Haynes – pick a better residence in that someone lives there full time to collaborate your story. Learn how to shake an FBI tail.

Allen and Haynes – pick a better person to be the snitch for you. GD is too flaky, with a closet full of skeletons.

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