Oh, the lies, the stink, the audacity.


After over a month’s delay, MAOS finally received the outside employment disclosures for the L Lakes Commission.

1. Mayor Barrington Russell has no outside employments or interest as he indicates. How about BAR Realty that he runs in Lauderdale Lakes? How can you forget a business named after yourself? Even if he did run it in the ground and had to declare bankruptcy.

2. Commissioner Edward Coleman. Seems this retired guidance counselor from Boyd Anderson High School seems to forget she is working for a charter school in the City. Convenient loss of memory, eh? That memory loss is a frequent occurrence with Coleman. Like City Atty Jimbo Brady.

3. Commissioner La”Void” Williams must have been absent from class the day this required mandate was passed. He did not even bother to turn one in. He is still perplexed about how there is a difference between CRA Trust Fund and the fund balance of the CRA Trust Fund. Clueless to the end. Remember in years past, Williams kept saying that there is black fiber buried that he could tap people into if only they would hire him as a consultant. Wow- that is it- he must have too many consultant contracts to disclose. How about that fat contract in Rivera Beach?

4. And we save the best for last. Eric “Deadbeat Dad” “No Address in Lakes” Haynes. No outside employment or interests? How about the many contracts he has? Osceola County, Ft Lauderdale, Broward County, Lauderhill? Haynes has made comments that he owns the Broward County CDBG staff- even travels with them to conferences. And we know he rules the Lauderhill Housing Authority thanks to his bud Kenny Hobbs. Maybe the OIG will really dig into him over this if they can find him as we heard he is changing vehicles almost daily.

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