19 Sep Powerful forces are marshalling against John Grassi Ass.


Tonight, MAOS has learned powerful forces are quickly marshaling against the Pork Sword also known as John Grassi Ass.

We’ve been temporarily sworn to secrecy, so we’re not able to share all we know, but rest assured, it’s a f***ing doozy.

Seems that Grassi Ass is about to take one two three up his poop shoot.

And there is a paper trail.


It’s not been a real good month for Grassi Ass.

Consumed with MAOS, mocked, scorned and ridiculed far and county wide, he’s seen his cadre of movers and shakers narrowing down to Fast Freddy, his wife Grandmuthaf***er, and the sock puppet also known as Mayor Jean McStroke.


Given McStroke’s ego, we’ve been wondering how far she’ll allow Grassi Ass’s hand up her skirt.

Eww… Like trying to fist f*** a turducken left to cook for a week.


Need help imagining getting to third base with McStroke?


Chaz Stevens

Chaz Stevens

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Chaz Stevens


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