Lauderdale Lakes chooses a new auditor.


The City is actually recommending a new auditing firm for the 2013 audit since Harvey says he is pulling out.  Yes the agenda cover says that the City decided to issue a RFP after 12 years with Harvey but in reality Harvey could not cover their crap anymore  and realizes his license is on the hook for the $9.2M BSO debt refinancing debacle in 2012 plus the 6 major findings he gave them a “Get out of Jail Free” card for.

MAOS says yes to that- time for fresh blood. But never count Harvey out. In 2004 Haynes made sure Harvey was awarded the contract even though Harvey was not on the recommended short list. Then in 2009, Haynes stacked the selection committee with Jon Allen to make sure Harvey got the award. So if Harvey’s name somehow appears on Tuesday night, do not be surprised.

Actually the line-up looks familiar. Keefe and McCullough and S. Davis and Associates were in the top 3 along with Harvey in 2009. Even though Keefe was the cheapest and certainly the most qualified they were deemed to be too white for L Lakes. And Haynes/Allen duo would not let buddy Harvey be replaced no matter the cost.

And you could guess that S Davis and Associates would not get it. They are Harvey’s arch enemy and Harvey owes them for Lauderhill. Seems Davis went into Lauderhill in 2010 after Harvey had been there for some time and pointed out the many problems with Harvey. It was so bad that Kenny Hobbs (old Harvey buddy) in Lauderhill went back to Harvey in 2011 saying save me, save me…

And Harvey is now going into South Bay to replace S Davis & Associates to cover old friend (also running mate of Allen and Haynes) Corey Alston’s butt since Davis would not do that.

But at this point we have to expose the selection committee- 2 outsiders and Elianor, Gary Rogers, and Celeste Dunmore, What a group. Elianor is clueless, G Rogers misplaced $8M in CRA funding at L Lakes and will soon be outed by the OIG not counting his mis-deeds at Cocoa, and then there is Celeste.  Special Assistant to Jon Allen, doesn’t know if she works for the CRA or the City and is a lapdog for Allen. Now does this sound like a qualified committee to you?

MAOS says thanks for the two outsiders on the committee but does have reservations. A person from Lauderhill? Remember the rental ordinance from Lauderhill- Lakes sued and backed down immediately.

And finally is Keefe is the most experienced and cheapest as shown why did they not get the contract in 2009. Hint- Allen needed Harvey’s help to spin it all…

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