Littlejohn’s dilema and Robb’s lawsuit.


To: City Clerk and City Attorney
Deerfield Beach

via email


As you well know (but MayorMcHeartAttackRobb doesn’t / chooses to ignore), according to the Florida Supreme Court, all public records must be turned over with “limited reasonable delay.” Such delays only allow for time to copy and redact.

I recognize that Robb is the record’s custodian, fully bound by Florida Law (Chapter 119 if you are keeping score at home) and she is totally at fault here, not the Clerk, nor Andy Maurodis-Cody.

Please take this email as written notification that I expect Robb to produce all city related emails, sent from all of her personal email accounts, by the close of business today. Failure will result in immediate legal action.

I’ve included my attorney, David Frankel, on this thread.

Dave, say hello to everyone.
Everyone, this is Dave.

As I’ve always wanted to say this — Time is of the essence. Govern yourself accordingly.

Hugs and kisses.


To: Daphne Jones
Assistant County Attorney
Broward County

Ms. Jones;

Just another brief update … as before, I am not expecting this to open a conversation.

The City of Deerfield Beach, responding to my complaint, sent Code Enforcement to Freedom Marine.

Queue the opening of the can of worms.

Seems owner Todd Littlejohn did not PAY the appropriate business tax fees for the past couple of years. As such, that put Freedom Marine behind the eight-ball. To come into compliance, Littlejohn’s company will go before the Special Magistrate to plead his case.

Also … and here’s the good news I opine.

Code Enforcement, Building Inspection, and the Fire Inspector all will be performing reviews of the business.

Here’s even more good news.

In order for Littlejohn to get a Certificate of Usage, he will need to show current Annual Reports, which I suppose means his Administratively Dissolved company will need to become un-dissolved.

I believe undissolving his entity will put a fly in his ointment vis-a-vie his ongoing $43K owed aka the County lawsuit.

One final point, as to my motivation.

Littlejohn once publicly stated he “wanted to have sex with my 72 year old mother.”

Wonder who is going to get f***ed here.

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