Unlike Nick Steffens, Maria Sachs responds to a Bar Complaint

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Well, as was (not shockingly) expected, the Florida Bar closed out my complaint against Sen. Maria Sachs (MF).

In a letter dated October 18, 2013, the Florida Bar informed me:

All correspondence and documents submitted in this matter have been carefully reviewed. You alleged that Representative Sachs violated Florida Bar Rule 4-8.4(c) by not properly complying with residency requirements . Representative achs has responded and has established that the issues you have raised have already been investigated. Representative achs has been found to be in compliance with the res idency requi rement for her position.

There is insufficient evidence from the materials provided that Ms. Sachs has violated any of the rules adopted by the Supreme Court of Florida which govern attorney discipline. Accordingly, continued disciplinary proceedings in this matter are inappropriate and our file has been closed.

So that’s it. A push – no real way of proving or disproving my allegation.

At least my Florida Bar complaint track record is kept in intact!

I am zero for everything!


We’ve learned first-hand the daunting task of making a Bar complaint against stick.

Seems to us, the metric of “success” for a complaint is matters involving an attorney¬† screwing around with client money, a lawyer not responding to the Bar, and then in a distant fourth, everything else.

Which is pretty much what Nick Steffens did:

Narrative Summary of Case. As to Florida Bar File No. 2011- 50,329(17F), the respondent wrote a letter to opposing counsel agreeing to the withdrawal of a Bar complaint by his client, if a settlement was reached. A Bar grievance was filed, as a result. The respondent failed to respond to The Florida Bar inquiries concerning his improper letter. As to Florida Bar File No. 2011- 50,776(17F), the respondent represented Stewart Huffaker concerning a mortgage audit matter and received a fee of $5,000.00. The respondent did not perform any services and was discharged. Despite multiple requests, the respondent failed to return the fee and a Bar grievance was filed. The respondent failed to respond to Bar inquiries concerning his lack of diligence and failure to return a fee. As to Florida Bar File No. 2011-51,226(17F)OSC, as indicated in the aforementioned cases, the respondent failed to respond to official inquiries by bar counsel.


Contrary to Nick and his Team of Weak-Ass Spinmasters, it’s not an everyday occurrence to get jacked by the Bar.

And in Steffen’s case, it happened on four separate occasions.


To those folks who keep whining to me about how “good of a person Nick is,” I say who the f*** cares?

Bolt on your big girl panties Steffens.

If Nick wants to play in the public limelight, then he should expect to be raked over the coals when he f***s up.


Grow a pair Nick and stop trying to have the ladies fight your battles.

Hint: It’s that type of chicken shit, sending in a broad to do your bidding, silly crap that will always get you mocked, ridiculed, and scorned here on da blog.

Maria Sachs Bar Complaint Dismissed

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