The Jean “Cunt Burger With Fries” Robb lawsuit and allegations of crack.


This coming week, my attorney, the esteemed David Frankel, will be filing a lawsuit on our behalf against the City of Deerfield Beach and Mayor Jean Robb, alleging Robb, as public record’s custodian, knowingly violated the provisions of Florida Statute 119.07(1).

Florida Statute 119.07(1)

Inspection and copying of records; photographing public records; fees; exemptions.—

(1)(a) Every person who has custody of a public record shall permit the record to be inspected and copied by any person desiring to do so, at any reasonable time, under reasonable conditions, and under supervision by the custodian of the public records.

We will provide the following evidence to the Court.

  1. In a public record request dated August 08, 2013, we asked for all emails sent via Robb’s personal email accounts from July 1st to August 8th.
  2. According to Florida Law, all city related emails sent via Robb’s personal accounts must be produced with limited reasonable delay.
  3. All emails — including emails where Robb is blasting staff, horsetrading votes on tracts of land looking to be rezoned, discussing ongoing lawsuits involving employees, and other stuff. Disturbing other stuff, my friends.
  4. In response to that request, I was given a total of seven emails for that period.

Absolutely floored by Robb’s failure to comply with Florida Law, I fired this email into the Clerk’s Office:

From: Chaz Stevens
Sent: Friday, October 04, 2013 9:25 AM
To: Quintella Tross
Subject: Re: Jean Robb’s emails

Are you suggesting that Mayor Robb only received 7 emails during that entire period? I’d like to request some of the crack she’s been smoking. Can I PRR crack? Is that allowed?

Shortly thereafter, I heard back:

No sure how many she rec’d but I know you requested the emails from July 1, 2013, did you want different dates?

Bingo, Robb is done.

Knowing that Robb sent/received way more than seven emails for that period (we got a stack in our possession), I added two more requests:

  1. Reiterating my claim for all of Robb’s emails for that period.
  2. And requesting all emails sent to/from the City to Robb.

As to the first, the re-request of her emails, that has yet to be fulfilled. On the other hand, the City provided me with 466 pages of emails.

That’s not a smoking gun.  That’s a smoking brigade of 155 mm howitzers.



Let us recap.

I asked for Robb’s emails, and Robb, legally bound to provide me with everything, coughed up a total of seven, while the City provided me with enough to fill up War and Peace.

Now do you see why we’re suing?

But the lawsuit is only the ticket to the dance — as our end goal here is nothing short of her removal from office (see Poitier, Capellini, and Gonot).

I turn your attention to Florida Statute 119.10:

(1) Any public officer who:
(a) Violates any provision of this chapter commits a noncriminal infraction, punishable by fine not exceeding $500.
(b) Knowingly violates the provisions of s. 119.07(1) is subject to suspension and removal or impeachment and, in addition, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.


Now, let’s turn this to all of my Deerfield Beach readers who really would like to see Robb removed from office.

My question to you is this … how come you have not donated a single f***ing penny to the cause? I just dropped considerable dime on a retainer. Seems like, once again, only one of us matters, only one of us is in the game, only one of us truly cares about this city.

Shame on you, you disgusting piece of cheap motherf***ing shit.

// End of fund raising


Here’s a copy of an email we sent to Robb last night:

Hey, you old bitch.

Study up FS 119.10.

Gonna bite you in the ass.

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