Guest Commentary: Before There Was Chaz.

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It’s really pretty simple. Chaz Stevens has dramatically changed how governments, nonprofits, politicians, etc. do business in South Florida today. They now have someone looking over their shoulders… someone who’s not the slightest bit afraid to call them out on their transgressions and fraudulent activities. Before Chaz, they got a free ride. They smugly counted on public apathy and ignorance. And any fuss raised by some lone activist could usually be thwarted and swept under the rug by various tactics…ignoring, stalling, playing dumb, denials, counter attacks…all basically designed to wear out the accuser(s). The complaints never reached a large enough audience and, more importantly, were never directed (with the accompanying evidence) to the people able to investigate and bring charges.

Well that’s all changed now. Stevens knows how to play the game. Today, any politicians or bureaucrats foolish enough to violate the public trust do so at their own per il. They are overwhelmed and befuddled by Stevens’ technical expertise and dogged persistence. And he does his homework. Forget the four letter words. He’s got the facts and the documentation. And that’s what prosecutors and investigators love. And that’s what ultimately brings the convictions.

Just mention the name of Chaz Stevens around thieves and frauds like jon allen, eric haynes, corey alston, anthony davis, cedric thomas…and then listen for the sound of their sphincters tightening, as they scramble for the nearest exit. When you’re dealing with trash that brazenly steals money from taxpayers…you can’t be afraid to take off the gloves. For that reason alone…we’ve got the right guy on the job!

Way to go…Chaz!

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