02 Dec In a span of two months, Mitch goes BK and then gets a DUI!

Once more to the PACER well, and it seems that Margate News (Your Home for Financial Advice) writer drinker Mitch Pellecchia and his wife, Sabrina Segal, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2012.

A few items of interest.

  1. In 2012, debtor Mitch had an income of $336.16.
  2. No line item for Jager Bombs, but $600/month for chow (free steak dinners would come in handy, let’s work on that!)
  3. They sure worry about owing legal fees (Becker Polikoff, etc).




There’s this also:


MITCHELL PELLECCHIA and SABRINA SEGAL (“Debtors”), by and through the undersigned attorney, hereby request that this Court Waive the Wage Deduction Requirement and in support thereof state:

1. Sabrina Segal is a university professor. She is fearful of losing her position if her employer learns about the bankruptcy.





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