Meet Mitch Pellecchia, Patty Lynn DUI Driving School Graduate

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Oh my, looks like Margate News (All The News That’s Fit To Drink) writer boozer Mitch Pellecchia was nicked in 2012 for drinking and driving.

And, following in the rich Frogger tradition of Patty Lynn (she drunkenly smashed into eight parked cars), Pellecchia was also charged with:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • DUI Property Damage/Injury
  • Refuse Submit Blood/Breath Test
  • Careless Driving
  • Driving W/O Lights

From what we hear, he nuked a bicyclist near the Margate Burger King on 441.



Before publishing this story, we were asked, “Is there some form of unwritten blogger creed not to write about each other?”

F*** that.

Pellecchia’s a big boy and needs to start wearing XXL girl panties. Consider this a lesson on how to grow a thicker skin.


From Mitchell Pellecchia, Dr. Sabrina Segal, Cassius Group Inc. Mitchell Pellecchia Uses Online Newsletter for Personal Attacks – He Bar-Hops All Day and Slanders by Night Margate, Florida.

The author of the online newsletter, Mitchell Pellecchia, can be found bar-hopping all day long leaving a trail of empties before he sits at his computer by night and trashes anyone who didn’t treat him right during the day. He is a one-man wrecking crew! Local businesses are tortured by his poisonous pen…or in this case, keyboard.

Although he portrays himself as an educated and savvy business-man, he masks a deep-seated anger and hatred toward any type of organized society. He prides himself on slander. Do not talk to this man or he will mis-quote you every time! He stalks city employees and officials hoping to find one small bit of information and then completely misrepresents the truth. He thrives on inaccuracy and character assassination.

Please do not support this sick, sick weapon that this man has created. While there are areas on the website that are coated with niceties, please do not be misled by this man’s vicious intentions. He gets paid by advertisers. If you subscribe to this newsletter, please remove it and stop supporting this one-man tirade. He demonstrates publicly that he has violent tendencies. It’s people like this that eventually end up in the headlines. Please be careful!!!


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