Ruzzano won’t be able to help himself. That’s painfully obvious.


To: Commissioner Tommy “Roll The Fire Truck” Ruzzano
City of Margate

via email

See Tommy;

When Deerfield was grabbling with the problem of numerous morally challenged Commissioners — Sylvia Poitier, Al Capellini, and Steve Gonot; who, by the way, all ended up in jail because of my efforts — another elected official of ours opined, “You can’t teach ethics to those who lack them.”

I’m not sure what was discussed (yet) during your morning meet-greet with the Assistant City Manager and City Attorney, but hopefully they didn’t tell you, “Oh, ignore that blogger and this is much ado about nothing.”

Advice of that sort would be very ill-advised.

What you should have taken away is the worry about your fledgling political career. You might be new to the job, but there’s zero grace period in my book. I eat corrupt officials alive, and you should not assume MAOS will be handing out a MargateNews free pass to you anytime soon.

You take advantage of your position, I will be right there sticking my boot up your ass. Don’t follow the rules, bend the procedures, try to get over on the taxpayers and you will become a household name to the State Attorney’s Office.

And that nonsense about the City Attorney protecting you, all over your $8K lien… Dude, seriously… Are you baked?

The City of Margate has procedures in place — as an elected official, you get no special privilege. You are held to a higher standard.

You will either follow this both in spirit and the law, or MAOS will absolutely f***ing brutalize you.

Up to you boss… Personally, I think you are morally bankrupt, and won’t be able to contain yourself. That’s good news for the blog, but shitty news for a city still dealing with the mess created by your mentor, Dave McFelony.

Oh, and have a good day.

PS If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit, we will always accept Process of Service.

Thomas Wright, Esq
1600 S. Dixie Highway
Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33432

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Chaz Stevens

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Chaz Stevens


According to John Stewart, I am the General Patton of the War on Xmas. Father, Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole. Professional troublemaker.
The Horrible State of the Lauderdale Lakes Union. - 2 days ago
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