Powers Distributing Blog: How to Build a Festivus Pole out of Beer Cans


If you’ve never watched Seinfeld, you’re probably wondering what the heck Festivus is. Here’s a quick run down:


If you like the idea of replacing whatever holiday you celebrate in December with Festivus, you’re going to need a Festivus pole like the one this guy made in Florida:

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 23 empty 12oz Miller Lite cans (plus one full one for you to drink while building it)
  • 1 two foot 2×4 piece of wood
  • 2 ten inch 2/4 pieces of wood
  • Nail gun
  • Wood glue
  • Super glue
Here’s how you’ll do it:
  1. First, make the base. Apply wood glue to one edge of each of the 10 inch long pieces of wood. Glue to the sides of the 2 foot piece of wood right in the middle to make a perfect X. Use your nail gun to secure the wood in place.
  2. Next, glue your first can to the base with the super glue. Continue to stack and glue the remaining cans. You might need a ladder – your pole should be about eight feet tall.
  3. Let the glue dry.
  4. Put your Festivus pole out for all to see!

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Chaz Stevens

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