Margate Mitch is having a meltdown. To the timeout chair, STAT!

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It appears that our reporting (here, here, and here) of MargateTales‘ (NSFW) Mitch Pellecchia has struck his last raw nerve.

You know, the one’s that’s not self-medicated with Jim, Johnny, Jack, and Jose.

I wonder if Pellecchia is unhappy when we reported his 2012 drunk driving arrest (“Is this a sting”) — with a bike wedged under his car, bicyclist knocked asshole over tea kettle  — escapades? Or maybe it was his recent bankruptcy, you know the one he’s trying to keep a secret from his wife’s employer (drop me a line if you know who that is).

I mean, it couldn’t have been our story exposing those free $300 a plate buffet giveaways to the local politicians, now, could it?

Whatever the case, Pellechia hasn’t taken all that well to the MAOS Klieg Light of Happiness, and he’s folding like four flat tires. However on a positive note, his inability to drive makes the world a safer place, though probably impacts MugShots’ (a bar) bottom line.

Hiccup. You so purty, Tommy Ruzzano.

With all of the recent events over in Margate, and Pellechia’s very biased reporting (now with name-calling!), it’s obvious MargateTales is in a quick downward spiral.

Another whiskey please! Send Granddad his way. And queue rock-bottom.

We’ve been told Pellechia is attempting to channel his inner MAOS, trying to repeat our success, perhaps hoping to replicate, but of course never improve, our formula.

Editor’s Note: Heard he also considered filing a lawsuit against us. Good luck with that!

You see, MAOS isn’t a news source. We’re not like the Sun-Sentinel, Broward Bulldog, or the New Times.

Sure we report, but we also kick ass and take names. People understand that we’re highly opinionated, self-righteous, and definitely one-sided. We don’t worry about telling both sides of the story. We’re like Fox News, except we skip the “fair and balanced” part.

We’ve seen Pellechia’s sort of stuff before … comes with the territory of being inexperienced, untested, and unqualified.

Pellechia is circling the drain and it won’t take much to finish the job.


We’re suggesting the following theme song for Pellechia’s meltdown.


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