We complain to the OIG about Lakes’ Eric Haynes.

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MAOS recently outed L Lakes Commissioner Eric Haynes for an ethics code violation for not listing outside employment and other outside financial disclosures required by the new ethics code. There have been numerous reportings by MAOS and others of contracts for grants awards to Haynes and his multiple companies under a slew of different names meant to hide and deceive. Apparently several agencies are now reviewing Haynes business dealings. And yet Haynes failed to list outside employment or financial interests on the annual filing — a flagrant violation.

And this is certainly not the first issue that Haynes has with violations. Your recent investigation related to voting fraud in the last election was forwarded to the State for possible action and we understand that Haynes is now trying to negotiate a pleading and fine for his action.

But  just receiving a violation and fine does not work with Haynes. In the past (2004) Haynes received ethics violations for campaign financing and records issues. Although he did receive a fine of $2,000 for these violations, Haynes refused to pay and was added to the deadbeat public official list.

Haynes has a history of thumbing his nose at violations and refusing to pay fines. He also has a history of hiding financial information in both his business and personal dealings as well MAOS has found out. He has a history of influence with the L Lakes commission and city officials. Your recent discovery through investigation that Haynes did not maintain a principal residence in the city as required by the City Charter to stay in office is an example. Although his only reported residence was the garage of an alleged ex-girlfriend’s relative who live and works in New York, he  convinced fellow commissioners to not take action and to pay his legal fees of $8,000. This is ludicrous.

MAOS believes that Haynes totally controls City Manager Allen (a close friend for many years) and City Attorney Brady. So they are no help whatsoever with Haynes alleged wrongdoings. And his past questionable actions as the CRA Chair have previously been identified by MAOS. Misusing over $8M for questionable projects unrelated to the CRA or FS 163, purchasing property at inflated prices leaving the CRA with legacy debt, and “loaning” the city $2.5M to pay inappropriate city expenses and sponsoring many special events totally unrelated to the CRA.

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