Why I care about Lauderdale Lakes, and not Coconut Creek.

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MAOS is a boutique of investigative reporting, where only certain stories garner our interest. Corruption is our beat; we’re obsessed with cheeseball characters like Jon Allen, Eric Haynes, and Jean Robb.

Unfortunately, given commitments in our “real life”, the time available to devote to this hobby is limited. Our deep-dives into the Lauderdale Lakes financials, the exploration of thousands of emails and reams of documents, the Robb Lawsuit, and the occasional story about us on The Daily Show chews up considerable resources. So we need to pick and choose where we spend our precious CPU cycles.

Take, for instance, our extensive reporting on Lauderdale Lakes, and at one time, Coconut Creek.

Some of our “ardent” fans — those with an agenda that runs counter to ours — think we’ve failed in our “effort to remove Chief Fat F***er.”

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

No doubt, that little rotund piece of shit is still at the helm, but do you really think our blogging didn’t have an impact? Are things really done the same over there? We’re forever in Tubby’s head.

MAOS “gave up, for the moment” on Coconut Creek because we don’t see an outlet for our efforts. There’s a new City Manager who is “pro-Tubalard”, and the five elected officials aren’t really motivated to make a change. So why waste our time, until there is a sea change of events?

Personally, I’d rather spend my time and resources on Allen. We have him on the ropes, he’s in a shit-ton of trouble — facing an ongoing criminal investigation, he’s going down like four flat-tires.

The cost-analysis is crystal clear.

F*** Coconut Creek. They chose to keep MannTits. That’s on them. Not me.

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