We thrice rickrolled Mitch Pellecchia and jack up Tommy Buzzano for the hell of it.


Editor’s Note: Thanks to Mitch Pellecchia, Margate Comm. Tommy Buzzano earns a Commission on Ethics complaint.

This December, as the entire Interwebs experienced, the Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole blew up my world. I was everywhere (Colbert Report). And I mean everywhere (Daily Show). Life sort of stood still, as I struggled to keep up with the press, notoriety, and fame.

The downside from all this attention was trivial shit fell through the cracks … much of it possibly forgotten forever … unless something, or someone, was stupid enough to remind me.

Queue someone stupid enough … aka Mitch Pellecchia from SpecialFriedRice.net (NSFW) and his writing (again SO NOT SAFE FOR WORK) about our Florida Commission on Ethics complaint against Margate Commissioner Tommy Buzzano.

The very same complaint we forgot to file.


You see, had Pellecchia (arrested in 2012 for the DUI mowing down of a bicyclist) kept his mouth shut — though not likely, as this chowderhead asked during his arrest, “Is this a sting?” — Buzzano would have been free and clear. Free and clear from the FEC at least, as Buzzano is also the recipient of my Broward OIG complaint alleging misuse of office for personal gain.

And the extra GLORIOUS bit about the FEC complaint? I used Pellecchia’s own reporting (We’ve warned you twice already!) against Buzzano!

So Tommy, when you get jacked up by the FEC, you and Mitch can hug it out.

Reach-arounds, of course, are optional.


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Chaz Stevens

Chaz Stevens

Professional Troublemaker
Father of the world-famous Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole, Chaz’s antics are sure to entertain, educate, and irritate. Chaz has been appeared on The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Fox News, and hundreds of national media outlets, and several international newspapers.
Chaz Stevens


According to John Stewart, I am the General Patton of the War on Xmas. Father, Pabst Blue Ribbon Festivus Pole. Professional troublemaker.
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