Lauderdale Lakes’ Manny Diez’s LinkedIn Profile

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Just happened to catch Manny Diez’s profile on LinkedIn. It shows him as having his current job of Public Works Director in Lauderdale Lakes since September 2013. That can’t be accurate and looks like a case of him stretching the truth and embellishing his resume. He may have been on board as a PW Manager but he certainly didn’t have the Director’s position…and since the City never approved an ordinance (2 readings)…I wonder if he’s gotten it yet. Also, the City’s new website now breaks up Development Services and Public Works under the City Services icon, even though it hasn’t officially occurred. And Dan Holmes picture has disappeared. It appears our exposure stopped Jon Allen, mid-stream, before he was able to complete his reorganization.


  1. Did they approve the ordinance (1st reading) with a golden-rod at the last commission meeting (January 28th)? There was no Action Agenda (another allen ploy) and no way for the public to know what occurred.
  2. When did the Public Works Department become a separate entity and how long has Manny Diez been the Director?
  3. Was Manny pushed out of A.D.A. Engineering (May 2013) and are there still ongoing contracts with LL that he helped to negotiate?

Allen & Company are hiding a lot of what’s going on!


From the Team:

The reorganization did not go on the Jan 28 meeting but at least the back door effort was stopeed for then anyway. But JA will bring the reorganization back at the next meeting (also requires a budget amendment). It will probably go forward as there was only one Commissioner who objected at the Jan 27 workshop.

Believe JA brought Manny in September into the open Public Works Manager’s position with a promise that the position would become a Director. Manny has hinted to others that he was pushed out of ADA. Unofficially he has been acting as a director but officially the reorganization does not exist as of yet.

Think Manny is getting paid now in the $100k+ range but how to prove it? Any PRR would be doctored.

And I do think there are open ADA contracts that Manny was involved in. Remember ADA received all the money for the stormwater master plan. ADA should be monitoring the plan the developed and any work done under the plan. That might be good for a PRR. Any open continuing service agreements, contracts, task orders etc. with ADA Engineering.