Update / Update: Another “military man” to storm the Lauderdale Lakes Commission dais.

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We’re hearing word that Te’ Andre Gomion (class of 1999 Robert C. Markham Elementary School) wants to be YOUR NEXT Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner.

Gomion, short on experience, but having an illustrative military career (serving as the Boyd Anderson JROTC Color Guard Commander), is a perfect replacement for Lake’s other military mastermind, General Disarray himself, Eric Haynes.


April 1, 2008 Tuesday 9:13 AM EST

Thorpe Team Adds Campaign Manager Te Andre Gomion, And Field Director Barry Johnson
BYLINE: Targeted News Service
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Marion Thorpe, a Republican running for election in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District, issued the following news release:

Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr., U.S. Congressional Candidate in Florida’s 23rd District, names talented members to cam-paign team. Each Team Thorpe member is a longtime resident of U.S. Congressional District 23 (CD 23) in the State of Florida.

Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr. bolsters Team Thorpe as he lays the foundation for victory in U.S. Congressional District 23 (Florida). During last night’s speech to members of the Broward County Republican Executive Club, Dr. Thorpe an-nounced that PV2 RES USAR USARC Te’Andre Gomion is his Campaign Manager. Mr. Gomion served as Battalion Sergeant Major and Color Guard Commander in JROTC at Boyd Anderson, and as Cadet Command Sergeant Major Diplomat throughout Broward County.

In addition, Dr. Thorpe also announced that Team Thorpe has added PFC RES USAR USARC Barry Johnson as Field Director of Operations for CD 23. Mr. Johnson brings a wealth of experience, energy, and community-wide respect to the Thorpe For Congress campaign team.

“It is distinctly my honor to have Te’ Andre serve as my Campaign Manager. He is the 2007 recipient of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections ‘In Pursuit of Excellence Award;’ thus, I am certain that I am in good hands with Te’ Andre leading the way for my successful campaign in CD 23,” states Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr. Dr. Thorpe further adds that “Barry is an exceptional leader with rock-solid organizational skills that ensure a successful grass-roots foundation for Team Thorpe.”

Contact: Te’Andre Gomion, 954/937-6282, teandre@marionthorpe.com


“Oh come on Chaz,” you’re thinking to yourself. “This dude is the black version of Daniel Sohn.”



From our Team:

A Republican in L Lakes- say it is not so.

It was rumored that sitting Commissioner Eric Haynes not only committed voting fraud at the last general election but actually voted for Mitt Romney.

Now it makes sense. Gomoin is rumored to be a relative of Haynes. Gomoin does not have a Lauderdale Lakes residence just like Haynes but yet both feel they should be Commissioners. Gomoin has a military career very similar to Haynes. But here is where it differs — Gomion is a staunch Republican while Haynes is a closet one. Only one of the many closet issues for Haynes we might add.

Do you think anyone in Lauderdale Lakes will catch on to this sham?


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