Elect Daniel Sohn! He’s a mover and shaker in the US Congressional race!

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Daniel Sohn labels himself many things … Community Advocate, Non Profit Executive, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Young Business Professional, Candidate, Committeeman.


As for me, I’ll simply refer to him as a “pretty piss-poor pathological f***ing liar.”

Months ago, when Sohn was <cough> running for the Dania Beach Commission, up until then no one really bothered to dig into his back story. Like many around town, like his Facebook friends, they, along with Sohn himself, believed his own PR.

Not surprisingly, as Sohn was responsible for the wordsmithing.

Then along came MAOS and our buddies over at Tamarac Talk, and soon after, Sohn’s bullshit started hitting the fan.

The list of victims who’ve fallen prey to Sohn’s duplicity has included State Rep. Katie Edwards, County Commissioner Marty Kiar, and former School Board Member Katie Leach.

All good people, all good public servants, all too-willing to believe someone would never have the stones to pull off what Sohn does on a daily basis.

Leach met Sohn at a political rally one hot summer day a few years ago. During their very brief exchange, Sohn mentions in passing Leach “should join his Tree of Life Board.” About a year goes by with Leach not attending any Board meetings nor receiving any information, completely unaware Sohn was promoting her prominent, but non-existent, Board role.

What. The. F***. Right?

I’ll forever remember Leach’s reaction to “her role” on Sohn’s Tree of Life Board — part incredulity, a bunch of anger, and lots of no-huh-what?

And that’s how Sohn goes about his business. He’ll make the most tangential of introductions, and then later on, morph that meeting into something completely different, self-serving, and creepy/sinister.

Then there’s the curious case of Sohn’s appointment to the Broward County ABID Advisory Board, where he was supposedly “given a strong recommendation from County Commissioner Martin David Kiar.” That also came as news to Kiar, who disputed Sohn’s choice of words. Kiar had Sohn removed from the post.

That was last summer, and in the time since, I’ve quietly and patiently watched Sohn from afar, noting his duplicitous ways have continued unchecked.

We’ve reported the DanielSohn.com website lists the Florida PTA as a client. However, according to Florida PTA Executive Director Jean Hovey, her agency is “not a client of his or his company.”

And about a week ago, on January 30, 2014, Sohn announced via Facebook that he “will soon begin [his] post as the Director of Constituent Relations for Mike McKenna for Congress.”

Not believing a word of this, I spoke with McKenna, who told me his campaign had one brief exchange months ago and no offer was extended. Like Leach and many others, McKenna was surprised to learn of Sohn’s announcement.

It’s quite obvious, with the Broward Young Democrat Board elections being held today (Sohn’s in the race), Sohn strategically withheld, and then out rightly lied about, his non-existent role on the McKenna campaign.

Think about it — “Elect Daniel Sohn! He’s a mover and shaker in the US Congressional race.”

Finally … when discussing Sohn’s nonsense with a well-known local political figure (and one-time Sohn supporter), they indicated, “Someone should sue this guy. Isn’t there a law against this?”

In the end, Sohn’s duplicity will eventually catch up to him. And luckily for all of us, MAOS will be there for the report.

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