Locked out of his house, in his boxers, Mitch Pellecchia states, “My wife is nuts when she has her period.”

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Mitch Pellecchia

Sometimes the story just writes itself … all you really need to do is cut and paste the Police Incident Report. Like so. (Thanks Mitch!)

Margate Police Department
INCIDENT REPORT# 1-14-000563
Occurrence: 1/06/2014
Location: 6890 NW 9TH ST MARGATE
District: Zone 6

I responded to the listed address in reference to a panic alarm. The wife (possibly Sabrina) came out and said Mitch fell and hit his head in the driveway and was acting strange. She stated that she did not know if his behavior was from a head injury. I asked if she called for rescue and she said no and that she hit the panic alarm because she couldn’t find her phone. She said that when Mitch went outside she locked him out of the house because of his strange behavior. I asked several times for an explanation of the behavior and she could not provide any information other than saying she did not want him around.

Mitch came walking through the hedges from the neighbors in his underwear and said he did not know why his wife called and to ask her. I explained what she said about him falling and said that I wanted his side of the story. He said that all he knew was that she was acting crazy and locked him out of the house. I asked about falling and a head injury and he said he did not fall nor did he have an injury. I also asked if he needed rescue and he again stated that he was not injured and showed me that there were no signs of injury to his head.
He stated that he only wanted to go back in the house and that he would sleep in the other room if necessary. He also stated that his wife often acts nuts when she has her period and they have been married for 25 years and did not have any problems.

I knocked on the door and explained to Mitch’s wife that she needed to let Mitch back in the house since he lives there, and that if there were any issues between them that she was not telling me, maybe they should take a time out in separate rooms. Mitch said they were fine and thanked me. Sabrina was very uncooperative but insisted that Mitch had hit his head and that was the reason for hitting the alarm. She said that she thought rescue would come to the house, not the police. I explained to her that she needed to use the phone to call for that reason and not to hit the panic alarm since she immediately found her phone.

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