Lauderdale Lakes Eric Haynes needs a repayment plan

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Miami-Dade Xway official says he’ll pay ethics fines

By Steve Bousquet
Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau

TALLAHASSEE — The Miami-Dade official whose refusal to file financial disclosure forms has drawn the ire of legislative leaders says he’ll comply with financial disclosure requirements.

But more than three weeks after the official and the state agreed to a repayment plan, the Commission on Ethics is still waiting for a response.

Miami attorney Robert W. Holland, a member of the county expressway authority, issued a statement Friday after the Herald/Times reported that his case is prompting Senate President Don Gaetz to advance legislation that would allow for the removal from office of public officials who don’t comply with the law.

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Lauderdale Lakes Eric Haynes needs a repayment plan for his past and pending ethics fines. Haynes needs a break since he does not have a residence and forfeited his seat but is desperately trying to keep his City salary since that is his only income as stated to avoid being hit with child support. Of course Haynes is the owner of many businesses throughout the County and State as MAOS has pointed out but the Deadbeat Dad has not paid up yet on any front.

Here is the MAOS repayment plan. Pay up you Deadbeat Dad and State you attach his City salary but be aware he moves frequently. No empty garages of vacant houses in Lauderdale Lakes are safe from Haynes.

But you may have to pay his legal fees if you question any of his tall stories…..