Just what Lauderdale Lakes needs — another fake Warrior to the rescue.

Chaz StevensPolitics

As with anything at L’ Lakes it takes time to straighten out the players involved. And at election time, it is even worse. Keeping the Allen and Haynes cartel in power takes a lot of jockeying around. MAOS will break it down for you.

Three seats are up for election in November 2014. These are the seats occupied now by Gloria Lewis, LeVoyd Williams, and Eric Haynes.

The seat held by Haynes (seat 3) will go away in November 2014 if the ballot issue is approved on March 11.

Te Amo Trix Gomion has announced he is running for the seat of Williams. It is a good thing he has announced now because the deadline for establishing residence is six months before qualifiying date. That should give Haynes time to move out of the garage in the vacant house he uses for residence address. That is unless Haynes pulls the old switchero and even though he is term limited he decides to run for one of the two other seats coming open in November 2012.

So Gomion may want to get a back-up address just in case. Maybe MAOS cant Lak run an ad looking for a garage in a vacant house of a relative of an ex-girlfriend who works in New York. Plenty of those in L’ Lakes (Haynes is rumored to have a lot of boyfriends girlfriends).

But Gomion does seem to have the Allen and Haynes model down. Says the city has a $30 million operating budget. There is only $15 million in the general fund to pay for general operating expenses of the city. The rest is restricted money including the CRA. Gomion must see it like his mentors — nothing is restricted to him.

So we hear a lot rhetoric but really the same old smoking mirror Allen tactics out of Gomion for the next four years. But his first challenge is to find a residence (or at least an address to use).