Questions about the Jon Allen raise (the behind the scenes look):


Mayor Russell originally proposed a 10% raise (harshly criticized) and then cast tie-breaking vote for the 7% raise. How many times has Russell cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of the Haynes-Coleman-Rafferty block versus the Lewis, Patrcia Williams, and Levoyd Williams group? Russell had to vote for the raise because Allen told him so. Russell is term limited so hopefully we will see the last of him in 2016 unless City Attorney Brady comes up with a “Russell” clause to find a loophole for him.

Allen’s “running buddy” Commissioner Eric Haynes suggested a 7 percent raise on Monday night and that became the Commission census on Tuesday. How can that be? If it was 3-3 from the Commissioners that is not a consensus. Remember the Mayor only votes to break a tie.

And Haynes worked the phones for Allen to get out the church group “because I knew what I was going to encounter coming in here.” Was it Haynes’ raise or Allen’s and why was Haynes going to encounter anything? Why would Haynes sponsor Allen and his raise? Was it because this may be the last time Haynes could take care of his buddy? Haynes is term limited in November 2014 and his seat is slated to go away if the ballot issue is approved in March. And again, barring City Attorney “Count the votes” Brady coming up with a “Haynes” clause to find a loophole for him Haynes will be gone, thank goodness.

After the debacle with the 2012 Financial statements and investigations by the SEC and State Inspector General ongoing, the City parted ways with Auditor Rod Harvey. Harvey is a long time friend and “running buddy” of both Allen and Haynes even serving as Haynes campaign treasurer/manager prior to receiving the auditing contract with the city. With Harvey gone, Haynes going in November 2014, and Russell going in 2016, maybe there can be so progress for good in the city.

And is Allen’s days numbered anyway? Article fails to mention that Allen caused the city to grossly overpay Diez in addition to splitting contracts. Russell credited Allen’s efforts in making the city stable after previous City Manager Fain Taylor was terminated without mentioning that Allen was at the city for the past 15 years as Assistant City Manager/City Manager, much longer and with more impact than Fain Taylor.

Hopefully even Attorney Brady will be able to help Allen. Brady has been referred to by commissioners as Allen’s attorney, not theirs at times. Brady negotiated Allen’s contract and they sponsored each others evaluations. Kinda too close for our liking.


From the team:

Even with Daddy “Govern Yourself Accordingly” George Allen in attendance along with Allen’s church peeps and mafia, it was a 4-3 vote meaning the Mayor had to break the tie for it to pass. And of course everyone knows that Mayor Russell is Allen’s puppet. But it does indicate that many are tired of Allen’s crap.

And MAOS wonders how Allen could even get 4 votes in favor knowing Allen’s salary status with his many raises and the SAO breathing down his neck ready to file charges at any moment. But this is L’ Lakes remember.

(Think we are making some headway with his support base).

SS Article Allen Raise

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