MacNamee takes exception to the SS endorsement of Delray Commissioner Al Jacquet.


Dear Sun Sentinel (SS) Editors:

The following are the SS’s vacuous and incorrect statements about Mr. Al Jacquet‘s qualifications:

1)- “.. an attorney who has worked (my emphasis)…” From his own website, Mr. Jacquet lists his last employment from 2009-2011 as a “legislative aide” for State Rep. Mack Bernard, his personal confidant and mentor.  That is a position for a college intern or recent graduate– not an attorney. Other than a $9K per year Commission seat, he offers no work record the past two plus years. I guess that is why at age 34 he still lives with his parents.

2)- “… worked to keep taxes low”. The only Delray Commissioner who fought to keep Operating millage low was Shelly Petrolia. All Mr. Jacquet did was vote for her recommendation.

3)- “… continue to push for smarter growth policies,”– his approval of Atlantic Crossing, the Strand, SoFA? No annual City traffic study performed in 5 years? That is his track record of “smarter”?

4)- “a better run police and fire pension fund”– in his two years, the financial condition of the pension fund has received the State’s lowest grade– “F”. Mr. Jacquet has done absolutely NOTHING about it. That is probably why he has received police and fire’s endorsements too!

The SS can endorse whoever it prefers. But please, get your facts from somewhere other than (1)- the fallacious statements and misrepresentations that permeate Commissioner Jacquet’s campaign mail pieces or (2)- conversations with his handlers and puppeteers.

Kenneth MacNamee


PS Exactly what church does Jacquet belong to?  Interesting symbology for a christian.

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