Eric Haynes takes being a Deadbeat Dad to another whole level.


Attached is a copy of Haynes 2013 pay statement. The Health insurance premium probably changed in Jan 2014 so this may be a little out of date.

It looks like he has Family Health Insurance of 1213.26 per month. The City pays $849.28 directly and Haynes pays $363.98.

But he does not directly pay that $363.98.

Commissioners get a $609.64 per month Exec package to pay for benefits. So he does not really pay for the insurance himself.

And he is getting over on the exec package. Any residual amount from the 609.64 after paying for the individual’s portion is supposed to go into a 457 Deferred Comp plan. He has 169.08 left over.

But he is actually getting that $169 per month directly in his paycheck. Haynes scamming again. *Just a side issue.

But he does not pay for the health insurance. It is covered by the City.

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