Considering her racist past, Robb wants to rewrite history.

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In this week’s edition of the Deerfield Beach Observer, Jean Robb writes the following in her Letter to the Editor:

Next, is the District 2 Commissioner… I am fair game [for any comments about bigotry] but my late husband, Dr. Robb, is not. Where was the commissioner in 1958 when we purchased the practice from Dr. Schmidt and were told that there had to be a white and black waiting room? We were from Philadelphia and were stunned at the requirement. The Afro-American community that the commissioner is supposed to serve would testify that Dr. Robb took loving care of them.

That’s Robb’s take on the matter. Another viewpoint, this from Moses Cody, who experienced Robb’s (Leo and Jean) racist ways first hand was captured in our March 12, 2014 post entitled, “Sorry Jean Robb, no revisionist history allowed.”

Westside community activists Moses Cody Jr. says he’s going to continue pressuring the city to change the gymnasium’s name because of Leo Robb’s history of racial separation.

“When you put a name on a building, it should be a name that gives pride to the community. His name doesn’t give pride the community,” said Cody, 42, who has lived in Deerfield Beach since 1956.

Cody said minorities often went to other doctors because of segregation in Leo Robb’s office.

Cody will continue trying to get city commissioners to consider the name change and plans to circulate a petition.


Cody was said to have gathered hundreds of signatures on his petition drive.