Lauderdale Lakes and Austin — what we know.

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Allen traveled to Austin in March 2015 and was paid salary by L Lakes — did not take vacation. Allen’s contract Section 13 said he could do other things outside the city but never committed L Lakes to pay for it and L Lakes did pay his salary. And Section 13 said he needed prior approval and so far that is not forthcoming.

Allen has been charging the CRA 15% of his salary and benefits for what? The Commission does not charge any of its salary and benefits to the CRA. Allen in the tradition of former City Commissioner/CRA Chair Eric Haynes still using the CRA as their slush fund?

JB advised FDLE that all was cool since he had blanket authority to travel. Not so true as city was no way committed to pay either travel or salary and prior approval to travel was necessary. And why would JB negotiate such a contract with Allen? Again too much of a connection between JB and Allen? JB almost pulled if off except for MAOS.

Allen traveled to Austin in Oct/November 2014. Allen did take 1 day vacation in early October but that could not cover the large bill charged to credit card for the trip. Still waiting for the backup.

Our PRRs for credit card info was initially thwarted by Mellissia Smith and Special Assistant to the City Manager Celeste Dunmore. Old alleged Allen girlfriend and the die-hard Allen devotee trying to help the old boss? Dunmore is still being billed to the CRA for 75% of her salary and benefits.  It took newly returned city clerk Houslin and Interim City Manager Holmes to take the initiative and bust the chops of these two clowns.

Allen still alleging that he paid for his travel. Still in question.

A $1,500 payment was made on the credit card to Broward Alliance by Allen. Receipt shows it was a donation, the back-up shows it was training for Allen. No approval shown for the training/donation by the Commission and it was not in the training/memberships authorized in his contract. Allen signed off on his own training.

Austin Assistant City Manager still in deep shit. Austin Council still up in arms over the whole mess. Austin City Manager expects heads to roll- draft of investigation due today?

Learned Finance Director Elianor in deep shit. Gave folder of documents to LB of Sun Sentinel attacking Allen. Audit for 2014 on Tuesday agenda. Must be so bad that everyone in L Lakes is hiding it — nothing attached to agenda. Elianor previously deleted the Compliance Section for the 2013 Audit from the city’s website as MAOS reported.

CRA Executive Director Gary Rogers was told to take a medical and disappear right before Allen was terminated. Rogers came back the day after but is busy because his garden looks like a mess. It appears that Rogers might survive the purge.

And Interim City Manager Dan Holmes still flounders. Afraid to cut the Allen deadwood? Thanks for your help with the PRRs but it is time to grow a set. Before the “female commissioners’ take you out.